Not making the grade: Official CRCT scores are in

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, June 25, 2008

ACROSS GEORGIA---The official CRCT results are in and as expected they're pretty bad across the state.

"There needs to be some more structure about it because I have some concerns when it comes to the CRCT," said Rev. Larry Fryer, a graduation coach at Tubman Middle School.

That's something that's been echoed across Georgia Since the state's preliminary results came out last month.

Now the final tally is in and almost 40% did not pass eighth grade math.

In Richmond County it's even worse: nearly 55 % did not meet those standards.

It's something the state expected all along since they used a harder test this year.

"It's hard to go and say okay we're gonna set the requirements higher so that the state will look better, and the children aren't learning that...information they needed to know," said Daboris Woods a volunteer tutor at Tubman Middle School.

Those who didn't pass have been going to summer school and just finished re-testing this week. Kids who still don't pass may not go on to the next grade.

"For those who didn't I'm hoping that they're not so much discouraged about school," said Woods.

Those kids can appeal to the school board to still move up. They'll look at the students grades and overall performance and decide if they really need to repeat their grade.

Some are afraid too many kids will move on even if they didn't pass the test.

"If a student knows that he or she can go on, and move on to the next level regardless of what he or she make on the test, why have the test?" asks Fryer.

A student has to get a score of 800 to pass the test. In Richmond County the average eighth grade math score didn't even reach that. It was just shy at about 799.

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