Healthy SC Challenge Helping With New Years Goals

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January 5, 2006
Looking to get fit in the New Year? Maybe it’s time to join in on the Healthy South Carolina Challenge. First Lady Jenny Sanford talked with News 12 about how you can join in and get some help setting your goals.

It was a great day to put talk into action. So, Mrs. Sanford and News 12 took a walk in her yard. It's the same place she kicked off the Healthy South Carolina challenge in May.

The first lady is challenging South Carolinians to eat right, exercise and stop smoking.
Everyone in the county that makes the most improvement will be invited to the governor's mansion. But now is time of year, many are renewing their fitness goals.

“The main thing I think is to start setting new goals and Make them achievable and attainable,” Jenny Sanford said.

She's talking about simple things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or exchanging your soda for a water.

“Make sure that you're setting goals along things that you want to do. If my goal was all of the sudden to start running, because I hate running, that would be a real problem because everyday I’d say 'oh this is torture. I don't want to do this',” Jenny said.

This is the pool house at the governor's mansion, where the Sanford family works out. The first lady says her goal this year is to be consistent. That's because it will be a busy year for her, it's a re-election year for her husband.

Whatever your goal is, the Healthy South Carolina Challenge may be a helpful tool.

Challenge doctors offer weekly advice, featured on News 12 on Sunday night's at 11. Click here to see those tips.

“Good luck to everybody in Aiken in terms of getting fit and getting outside,” Jenny said.

Luck and help... For that fitness goal that will mostly be hard work.