Pastor Loses Battle with Cancer

Pastor Scott Ostendorf of the Midland Valley Church of the Nazarene died Tuesday morning. He'd known since June that he had pancreatic cancer, yet he continued his duties and thousands followed his story on his website, "My Journey to a Miracle." News 12 reported on him in November and he pastor said "I'm happy with life whether I live or whether I die."

The arrangements for Pastor Scott have been set and are as follows:
*On Wednesday night at Midland Valley First Church of the Nazarene (MVFCN), there will be a combined service at 7PM in the sanctuary. The choir and orchestra will rehearse following to prepare for the memorial service.
*Visitation will be in the sanctuary at MVFCN from 6PM to 8PM on Friday evening, January 6.
*A Memorial Celebration Service will be held on Saturday, January 7, at 2PM at MVFCN.

Click here to read News 12's story on Pastor Ostendorf and watch the video of the story.