Armed Robbery Suspects Still on the Streets

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December 30, 2005
Two armed men accused of forcing their way into a West Augusta apartment are still on the street tonight. News 12 has the latest on a criminal investigation that is on hold.

It has stalled for now because the alleged victim isn't cooperating with deputies. The two accused robbers will remain free unless someone else involved in the incident comes forward.

A deputy showed up at Hunters Run Apartments around 1 o’clock Friday morning after 41-year-old Gustavo Flores said two men broke into his apartment and demanded money. Neighbor Fred Hutto worries about his wife's safety because both men had a semiautomatic pistol.

Flores didn't want to go on camera. He says one of the men put a gun to his head and then in his mouth. Lt. Jimmy Young says they wanted cash.

"The majority of the time, they get what they want, and they're gone," Young said.

That's exactly what happened. The incident report says both men ran away after they got the money. One of the three men who live here watched through his bedroom window as the two armed suspects came in. According to the incident report, the door was left open because they were trying to cool off their apartment.

Jim Therrien had no idea any of this was going on. His twenty-one year old son lives just a few doors down

I didn't hear any shattering or sirens or anything," Therrien said.

A deputy searched the apartment soon after but found nothing. Investigators still wonder why that apartment was targeted, because the area doesn't have a history of break-ins.

"Is there something going on or some circumstances here that may have caused this to be the particular area that was hit?" said Lt. Young.

That's Therrien's question. He thinks it's an isolated incident.

"I know he would not have taken this particular apartment if it was not a safe place to be," Therrien said.

But not everyone is so sure.

"I work at night, and I’m on call and stuff. I'll be worried about my wife by herself now," Fred Hutto said.

Police say robbery suspects are often after cash, and in most circumstances they say the safest thing to do is hand it over.

There is a rough description of the suspects. The first is a white male, five foot nine, about a hundred and seventy pounds with blonde hair. The second is a black male, a little over six feet, and one hundred eighty pounds. Both men were armed at the time of the robbery.