Child Allegedly Molested by Babysitter's Son

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December 29, 2005
The mother says she is not getting justice when it comes to locking up the 12-year-old she said molester her three-year-old son. The alleged incident happened three weeks ago and Maria Koenig says she hasn’t heard from investigators since. We spoke with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office who responded to the complaint. But it’s up to juvenile authorities to determine what happens next.

“All of a sudden he hates me, he hates this house, and he hates his room,” Maria Koenig said.

Maria Koenig is talking about her three-year-old son. She claims he was molested by her babysitter’s 12-year-old son. She believes it happened in her son’s bedroom.

“He said mommy he pushed me down pulled my pants down and told me to shut up cause I was screaming,” Maria said.

When Maria found out about the alleged child molestation, she immediately called investigators and then took her 3-year-old to the hospital. Discharge papers show the diagnosis as alleged sexual abuse.

“The lady at the hospital stated it does not mean that he did not get molested, but it means his body goes back to normal, but his muscles are causing him to use the bathroom on himself,” Maria said.

It’s been three weeks and Maria wants to know why the 12-year-old is still walking around. The Richmond County Sheriff’s Department is following the directives of juvenile authorities.

“That’s what they instructed us to do on this occasion is turn him over to the guardian and that’s what we did,” said Major Ken Autry, Richmond Co. Sheriff’s Office.

“I told them I know he’s a juvenile, don’t get me wrong, but that doesn’t justify for what he does so that means he can walk around here and do this to someone else’s child,” Maria said.

But juvenile authorities say just because a child is released doesn’t mean that the case is closed. The investigation is just starting and many cases end up in front of a judge.

“The juvenile court judge will decide what action is taken whether he’s detained, left in custody of parents or whether he has to go to counseling,” Major Autry said.

In Maria Koenig’s three-year-old’s case, a court date can’t come soon enough.

“It’s going on three weeks, almost four, probably no justice no nothing, no counseling for my son,” Maria said.

News 12 did speak with the mother of the 12-year-old and the 12-year-old and he told us the three-year-old actually pulled the 12-year-old’s pants down and then sat on top of him. So it’s case the juvenile authorities will have to sort through in order to find out who’s telling the truth. Also during juvenile sexual investigations that involve minors, the alleged victim is interviewed at the Child Advocacy Center. Maria Koenig said her son has not had that interview yet.

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