What to do with Old Electronics

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If you got a new TV or stereo for Christmas, what do
you do with your old stuff? In some states you're
required to recycle it.

News 12 is on your side with some options in our area.

Today's Best Buy crowd is filled with people looking for little extras for their new christmas gifts. DVD's are on Jeff Glass' list.

"I got a new 27 inch TV," said Glass.

But what about the old TV? Jeff is hoping his trash is another man's treasure.

"I give it to Goodwill or to somebody that may need it," said Glass.

Catholic Social Services' Thrift Store will take anything from vacuum cleaners to TV's. Their only request for your donation is that it works.

"We don't have anyone here to fix it. Most of the people who work here are ladies," said Assistant Manager Donna Avinger.

There are other options for your e-waste.

"A lot of times I'll just give mine to like a family member," said Best Buy shopper Michelle McNeal.

"I try to sell it," said shopper Carl Brown.

"Most of the time i'll just throw them out," said Bryant Miles.

Some electronics, like computers, aren't accepted by most trash collectors. You can take them to a landfill, but they'll eventually pollute the ground. Mercury and lead inside monitors and screens leak. Califonia and Maine recently passed laws requiring residents to recycle old electronics.

Though recycling isn't a law in Georgia or South Carolina, there are many places you can take your e-waste. Things are getting better, Dell is making a line of computers that are completely recyclable. So,enjoy that new TV Jeff, just be responsible with your old one!

The following links will take you to our states' recycling policies:

Georgia: click here
South Carolina: click here