Post-Holiday Shopping

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One day after Christmas, stores are seeing steady traffic from shoppers looking to cash in on a holiday bargain.

Shopper Kim Fletcher says, "It's the best way to stock up for the next year at a good price."

"We've been busy since we opened. We opened at 7 a.m. and we had guests actually waiting outside at 6:30 this morning," Casey Allen, a Target employee said.

Just one day after Christmas and it's like directing traffic at Target.

People are back out shopping, buying in bulk, and cramming their carts with Christmas clearance items.

Kay and Kim Fletcher say it's an annual event. They were headed to several stores.

Sheraz Cedeno was at Best Buy getting a TV as a late Christmas present for his 6-year-old sister. He was waiting specifically for today's sale.

"Most TV's are about 10% or $100 off," he said.

Apun Ujjin was just looking for one item.

"Laptops. They're really good priices after Christmas and they're only 7 left today," she said.

Ujjin also admits that she returned a few Christmas gifts as well.

Lines were long at counters with customers doing just that. It's important to remember that return policies are different at every store. It's always best to have your receipt, make sure you have all the parts, and return items like movies and CD's unopened.