Christmas Comes Early for Needy Children

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One Augusta couple is helping some children in need, and Christmas came a little early. Their own personal struggles led them to spend their lives giving to others.

Henry Walker spent much of his childhood trying to survive life in an orphanage. So the child left on the front steps of a church in his wife Mila's native Philipeans inspired them to help others.

"That orphan didn't come about by us, we think that God gave us this orphan in order to serve him." Walker said.

"I think back to my husband's life, and because of others, he's the person I'm with now," said Mila.

So the Walkers opened an orphanage in the Philipeans. And for children in our area, they collect Christmas presents every year.

Each of the thirty four children will have presents under the tree to open. Around 300 presents fill the room.

Every child gets a box, and every family gets food. Something Hurricane Katrina victim Denise James and her children are very excited about.

"It took a lot of burned off cause we couldn't afford presents this year," James said.

Many families here couldn't afford presents for their children this year, but gifts filled the room at New Life Baptist because of donations by church members and friends.

"Even if we don't get any thank-yous, it's alright, " Mila said.

Because Henry and Mila say their inspiration comes from above. Henry believes his experience growing up inspires him to touch lives today.

"I've never had anyone to pick me up and put me in their arms, and say "I love you. That's the part I missed," he said.

So every year, every day, they try to change the lives of children and let them know that they are loved.

If you want to get involved in Henry and Mila's ministry help orphans overseas, contact Ezra Christian Academy at 706-592-6037 or log on at