Two Eckerd Drug Robberies

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December 21, 2005
An armed robber holds up the Eckerd Drug Store at Fifteenth and Walton Way downtown. Then right after that, deputies say the same man held up the Eckerd on Washington Road and Alexander Drive.

The trend in recent robberies seems to be to target the same stores on different nights. That after two Dollar Generals, two Subways, and now two Eckerd stores were robbed. Looking back, most have happened at night. Today though, it all happened in broad daylight.

“I’m terrified, I’m all shook up myself,” said Ernest Streetman.

Ernest Streetman says he is happy to be alive. He and his aunt were inside this Eckerd Drug store off Walton Way when investigators say a man fired two shots with a semi-automatic handgun during a robbery.

“The lady up front was screaming and everything and I heard a pow. So I went back to where the pharmacy was at and me and my aunt hid out back there,” Ernest said.

No one was hurt. The man got away with cash from the register. Twenty minutes later, deputies believe he struck again at this Eckerd on Washington Road. This time they say he followed the manager in the store and quietly asked her to take him to the safe in the back office.

“Then she noticed he had a handgun pressed up against his stomach, once in the office, he took an undisclosed amount of money,” said Blaise Dresser.

Witnesses say he then took off running.

“He was last seen to believed to be running down Alexander Drive, we don’t know where he is,” Dresser said.

Investigators brought in the canine squad to help with the search.

“We have one good lead. The canine alerted on one trail in specifically that led to the medicine on Green Apartments,” said Michael Humphreys.

From surveillance cameras, officials say the suspect is believed to be a black male, 17-21 years old, 5’7”-5’9” and weighing 120-130 pounds. And deputies believe someone in the area know exactly where he is.

“A lot of times people have knowledge of these robberies occurring and it’s people they know, their boyfriend or married to and they just don’t want to give them up,” Dresser said.