Meth Lab Found

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December 21, 2005
An anonymous tip led police to arrest three people Wednesday on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine at the Georgia Inn off Belair Road. All of this came as a surprise to the assistant manager of the Georgia Inn.

“I was shocked. They were nice and always paid the rent on time,” the assistant manager said.

Police questioned four suspects Wednesday morning.

“We did find the components of a working meth lab,” said Lt. Butch Askew.

But they kept three of the suspects until they could search the rooms and be sure. The fourth, Travis Lever was wanted for violating his parole.

Lever fled the scene and police chased him across Belair Road and took him into custody in the Popeye’s parking lot.

“When the cop car came up they slung him in the cop car and rode away,” said a worker at Popeye’s.

Two others, Russell Hinton and Susannah Chance, were arrested after police found meth chemicals in the rooms.

“Most of the stuff was in that suitcase,” said an undercover investigator.

They found things like iodine, acetone, and lots of matches and all the equipment needed for the finished product.

This is not the first time the assistant manager has seen something like this happen. Police say they arrest between 5-10 every week on drug charges, and may get reports of a meth lab or two.

The woman with Travis Lever doesn’t face any charges. Lever told police she had nothing to do with it. The other three all face charges of manufacturing methamphetamine. Lever is also charged with possession of meth and marijuana.