Presents Stolen from Under Tree

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December 20, 2005
The Grinch stole Christmas for one South Augusta family. A burglar broke into their home off Scott Road and stole presents from under the tree. News 12 is on your side with how to protect your home, because police say holiday crimes can happen anywhere.

Shuntel Jennings and her three kids came home from the Augusta Christmas Parade earlier this month to find $1,500 worth of presents stolen.

“My tree was tossed and stuff was everywhere and all the gifts was gone, they was all gone,” Jennings said.

Church and friends are chipping in to get presents for Shuntel’s three children. But she’s been scared for their safety ever since it happened.

“I couldn’t even rest at night, I think I stayed up the whole night,” Jennings said.

And Lt. Tony Walden says burglaries like this are common during the holidays, and it can happen anywhere.

“You can deter them, but can you actually stop them? Not if they’re determined,” Lt. Walden said.

According to the incident report, the perpetrator kicked the back door in, something police say is easy to do.

So they recommend strong deadbolts and doors made of thick wood or metal. And always be aware of who may be watching.

“Somebody had to see me come in with my packages,” Jennings said.

Her house was the only one robbed on the street. But she’s not letting it get her down.

“I trust in God and we’re gonna be alright, and He’s gonna make a way. They can take our presents, but they can’t take away our spirit,” Jennings said.

Presents are no match for the time she can spend with her loved ones this holiday season. Police are still tracking down leads, but they don’t have anything yet.

If you want to help the Jennings family out, you can call Shuntel at 706-798-9150.