Law Strenghtens Crimestoppers

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January 4, 2006
Law enforcement and lawmakers know you hold the answers to many unsolved crimes. Crimestoppers is nothing new. It’s a 24-hour hotline you can call with information about a crime and remain anonymous. You’re also eligible for a cash reward. News 12 explains how a law will protect tipsters and strengthen Crimestoppers.

Almost 2 years ago Grover Derrick was driving down I-20 with his son and finance.

“A car come up beside us and started shooting and struck her in the head and hit my little 3-year-old boy in the leg,” Derrick said.

Grover’s fiancé later died. For a year, police had no idea who the shooter was. Then, someone called Crimestoppers and the killer was caught.

“People generally want to help law enforcement, but so often they don’t feel comfortable doing it. Crimestoppers is the perfect vehicle for them to get involved and not become involved,” said Joey Hudson, President of the Southeast chapter of Crimestoppers.

South Carolina lawmakers want to pass a law to strengthen Crimestoppers across the state. Aiken County has a chapter. The law would make it a crime to reveal the identity of a tipster under almost any circumstance.

“That’s something that should give great comfort to the citizens of our state and allow them to overcome that last obstacle,” said Henry McMaster, SC Attorney General.

This new law would also create a state Crimestoppers Council to link counties. So, if a crime happens in Aiken County and the criminal crosses county lines, the counties can work together.

The law would also hit criminals in their wallet. Right now, Crimestoppers is fully funded by private donations. The legislation lets judges order criminals to pay for their own reward money.

Grover knows this strengthened law will bring answers to many more people. Even little ones like his son.

“He said well Daddy, the bad man will never hurt me again,” Derrick said.

Bad men caught by people who call.

If you have any information about a crime and want to call Crimestoppers, their number is 1-866-559-TIPS.

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