First Commission Meeting of the Year

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January 3, 2006
One of the big items on the commission’s agenda was the election of a Mayor Pro-Tem. This is the person who will preside in the absence of Mayor Copenhaver. Marion Williams and Andy Cheek were nominated for the position. When commissioners voted on the two men, the vote was split along racial lines. And since neither man received six votes, Marion Williams will act as Mayor Pro-Tem until the commission can reach a decision because he currently holds the job. Both men told us why they are seeking the job.

“I’ve got seniority, I’ve got the experience and I’ve done a great job and I think if you’re going to serve for two years, you ought to serve for two years,” Williams said.

“I am the one with the demonstrated track record of working with everybody in the city, trying to make the city as a whole better. I think I am the best man for the job,” Cheek said.

Commissioners have scheduled a retreat later this month to discuss the issue before voting on it again.

One thing commissioners did reach some agreement on was a decision to allow Steve Shepherd to continue to serve as the city attorney. But he was hired on a month-to-month basis. That’s because Commissioner Hatney is concerned with Augusta’s charter. It says the city has to have its own law department. The issue has been tabled for now.