Church Donations Help in Search for a Killer

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December 15, 2005
The Reverend considers his story of survival a miracle. News 12 has more on his long road to recovery and how his church is banding together.

It was the day that nearly took the life of their pastor, November 22nd when Reverend Earl Carter was shot outside this Huddle House in North Augusta.

“Right now he needs out support and we need to be behind him 110 percent,” said Beth Johnson, church member.

“We’re praying for him and I think he’s a living miracle. And we know that God left him here for a reason,” said Gloria Myers, church treasurer.

So members of his church, Little Horse Creek Baptist in Graniteville, are sounding their battle cry.

“He needs to pay for what he’s done,” said Beth Johnson.

Taking cash collections to offer as a reward for information that can lead police to this man. Already, they’ve raised $1,000.

“Everybody needs closure to this. It’s not just our pastor, it’s the other victims involved and we would like to help bring closure to it,” said Bobby Scott, church member.

News 12 spoke with Reverend Carter Wednesday, who after two weeks in the hospital is back home, his condition tough to take for fellow worshipers.

“I would do anything to help him. He’s a wonderful person and he’s a very caring person. If anyone needed his help he’d give them anything he had,” Myers said.

And so this family, who for twenty years has prayed alongside Reverend Carter, is now praying for him, and even for the man who pulled the trigger.

“We do feel forgiveness for him. Jesus came and died for our sins to forgive us and we’re required to forgive others,” Scott said.

“Forgiveness, yes, it’s there. I think we’ve all forgiven him in a sense but of course the anger was there in the beginning,” Johnson said.