Holiday Shipping

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December 14, 2005
Christmas is creeping up on us and is only eleven days away. While you may be worried about shopping for presents, don’t forget, if you need to mail them, you are looking at a deadline. News 12 is at the Post Office in downtown Augusta where time is running out.

Post Office workers have already seen long lines in here this week, at times close to the door. Come Monday it will be even worse.

Tape em’ closed and get em’ in the mail.

“Trying to get them before the 25th,” said Laura Hood.

That seems to be the common goal around this place.

“They’re going to Houston, TX area and Phoenix, AZ area,” said Autumn Shumacker.

A steady trail of people coming in, trying to get Christmas gifts to loved ones. Autumn Shumacker’s late.

“They should have been out a week ago. We got the Christmas cards out early, but not the packages,” Autumn said.

Laura Hood learned her lesson last year.

“No, I was late last year,” Laura said.

But she’s not the only procrastinator around, it happens every Christmas.

“We have a lot of last minute mailers, and we’ll see that next Monday on the 19th,” said Carol Klein, Customer Relations Coordinator for Post Office of Augusta.

Klein says that’ll be the busiest mailing day of the season. After that, it’ll cost you to get your gifts under the tree on time.

“We’ll be delivering express mail on Christmas Day, so people still have time, but it would be a good idea to get those things mailed,” Klein said.

Autumn’s taking that advice, avoiding the long lines so she can spend her time around more than just tape and boxes.

“Now I can do shopping for my husband, my co-workers and I can enjoy Christmas,” Autumn said.

Wednesday, today, is the deadline for Parcel Post mail, that’s 2-9 days to ship. For advice on how to protect your breakables and other methods of mailing, visit the Postal Service website.