Faith Helps North Augusta Victims

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December 13, 2005
Three weeks ago a North Augusta gunman shot three and killed one, then took off in a stolen car. There are still no solid leads. But family and friends say the two survivors have already made peace with the gunman.

He put his sermons on hold after being shot in the throat at a North Augusta Huddle House. A cousin of Earl Carter says the reverend is using the violent experience to help others.

“What a miracle the Lord’s done for him,” said Katie Williamson.

Carter couldn’t speak for a few days after the shooting.

Another victim, Constance Davidson, was shot in the back at a Burger King. Victory Baptist Pastor Larry Brown has known Davidson for a decade.

“She didn’t allow herself to be overtaken, she sprang back,” Brown said.

The bullet remains in Davidson’s shoulder. Dr. Brown says Davidson was concerned taking it out could make things worse.

After being out for only a week, she was back in church on Sunday morning, singing in the choir. She’s there at least twice a week. One word comes to mind for fellow choir member Amy McNeese.

“Grace, when she came back to church she just explained that she was thankful for all that God had done for her,” McNeese said.

And forgiveness.

“She felt nothing against the man that had done this and hoped that he would be able to learn something from what he had done,” McNeese said.

The Victory Baptist Congregation has come together to help both families, giving them a positive spirit.

“He’s excited, he’s excited to be alive. And he’s just got a story to tell,” Katie Williamson said.

Billy Powell is the third victim. He was fatally wounded after the gunman shot him at random while having coffee with friends.