Family Coping with Unsolved Murder

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December 12, 2005
We’re reaching the end of the year and Richmond County investigators may carry some unfinished business into 2006. There are four unsolved murders still on the books in Augusta and four families still looking for closure.

On August 20, Catrina B. Evans was found stabbed to death inside her apartment on Amsterdam Drive. September 11 marks the death of LA-Ricky Sanders. He was shot in the head by a person in a white, older model car on Calvary Drive. On October 27, Melvin Dorsey was killed during a home invasion. Three men entered his home on Brown Street, shot him and left with less than $100. And last month Steve Martin and Michael Bogans were both killed during a fight at Gunther’s Lounge on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

News 12 has more on that incident and how the family is coping now.

Police say they’re close to shutting the book on this murder case after learning the description of the suspect and the car. But the Martin family doesn’t feel much progress has been made at all.

This tiny Christmas tree stands alone on Tammie Martin’s home. She isn’t much into the holiday spirit this year.

“This is the second brother I’ve lost to violence, it’s real hard,” said Tammie Martin, Steve Martin’s sister.

After spending nine years getting over the loss of her first brother…

“They shot him once in the head and killed him,” Tammie said.

…She’s finding herself having to learn to do it all over again.

“It makes you not even want to do nothing like I lay around and cry, we cry together. It’s just really hard,” Tammie said.

Her brother Steve was shot and killed outside Gunther’s Lounge in November. His girlfriend, Tishua Ryans, was with him when he died.

“We was talking about how Christmas was gonna be this year because I had a pretty good job and decorating the house,” said Tishua Ryans, girlfriend of four years.

And dealing with the pain has become even harder or Tishua after learning of his plans.

“His family told me that he was going to propose to me on Christmas,” Tishua said.

A month has almost passed since the murder and the killer is still on the loose.

“Nobody’s been found, we walking in the store shopping and looking at people because you don’t know who it is,” Tammie said.

Making it even more difficult for loved ones to move on.

“I can’t even sleep at night,” Tishua said.

Pushing them to take matters into their own hands.

“If we don’t do it, it won’t get done. We’re trying to get cash reward for anyone with information,” Tammie said.

It’s one family’s Christmas wish in this season filled with sadness.

Again, police have a pretty good description of the killer and now they’re trying to put a name with it. There’s a $5,000 reward for information about suspects in all of these murders. Call the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office at 821-1080 for more information.