Armed Robbery Suspect Captured

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December 12, 2005
Police may have the person responsible for a string of armed robberies in Aiken County. Three were just this morning and one on Friday. The Sheriff’s Department says 27-year-old Bradley Bunn demanded money from Kangaroo Express gas station in Aiken and Warrenville, the Four Seasons in Graniteville and Gurley’s Grocery Store in Warrenville.

It’s a scary time for Aiken resident Jerry Shelby.

“If you think about it all the time, you wonder if you should take a gun when you sit down to eat,” Shelby said.

He’s a regular at Sub Terminal. The Kangaroo Express right next door was robbed at about 1 o’clock in the morning. Investigators say Bradley Bunn parked a possibly stolen 1994 Mitsubishi pickup truck at a nearby Econolodge when the robbery took place.

That’s why Captain Michael Frank with the Aiken County Sheriff’s Department says the suspect is charged with armed robbery even though he didn’t pull a gun.

“The subject put his hand in his pocket as if to imply he was armed,” Frank said.

“We’ve got cameras all around the Sub Terminal and that’s really the only security we’ve got,” said Cory Cooper, waiter.

The cameras will help night shift workers like Cory Cooper catch the suspect after the fact.

Their best bet to staying safe at night is to keep the door locked. But if the intruder still gets past, the staff knows what to do.

“If they don’t have a weapon present, we can usually use our own force to keep ‘em down, but if they have a weapon we have to give up,” Cooper said.

Police arrested Bunn late this morning in Warrenville by tracking down the pickup track.

“It’s scary. You worry about your family when they’re out during the day and at night, and there’s a lot that can happen,” said Shelby.

Like many, Jerry knows he and his family could have been there when it happened.

Bradley Bunn is being held at the Aiken County Detention Center on four counts of armed robbery. He is not charged with stealing the pickup truck at this time.