Mayor Copenhaver's First Day in Office

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December 12, 2005
It’s a day of change for Augusta as 38-year-old David “Deke” Copenhaver officially becomes mayor. News 12 shows us how the new mayor spent his first day in office.

It definitely was a busy day for Mayor Copenhaver. From the beginning he ran on a campaign promising change and now that he’s in office, he says it’s time to keep his word.

He’s guaranteed just one year in office. Mayor Deke Copenhaver says that’s reason enough to begin working right away.

“I can’t promise the lowest property taxes or the best schools or the cleanest streets in Georgia overnight, but I believe the people will sacrifice to put our city back on the right track,” Copenhaver said.

With his wife Malisa by his side, Copenhaver took the oath of office in Superior Court with dozens of local and state elected officials in attendance.

“What you will not hear from me is the blame game, how we got here is not important, it’s where we go from here that makes all the difference,” Copenhaver said.

The mayor’s day started early Monday morning when he launched the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, calling on local clergy to pray for racial healing in the city.

Right after being sworn in, the new mayor headed right to work attending committee meetings.

But many say the real test will be Tuesday when he’s here leading the Augusta commission.

“I hope he’ll stick with the time limit prescribed in the rules for speeches and we can get off some of the sermons and get on with what the people have sent us down here to do,” said Roy Reardon.

Sitting in his new office, Copenhaver says he is prepared for the challenges ahead.

“I did a lot of studying over the past several days so I’m ready for it,” Copenhaver said.