Dragstrip Noise Test

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December 9, 2005
Some commissioners are hoping to build an international dragstrip along Highway 56 in South Augusta. That idea hasn’t gone over well with homeowners there. News 12 is on your side with how some commissioners are hoping the results of a sound test today will change the minds of those against the dragstrip.

It’s a debate that continues to drag on.

Those in favor of building a dragstrip hope it will end after a sound test this afternoon, hoping to change the minds of homeowners who are opposed to the idea because of the noise they say the dragstrip would generate.

“I’m talking right along this line here, there’s nothing but houses. They are going to be in the back of this dragstrip. There’s a lot of trailers, double wides, they’re not soundproof,” said Debbie Walker.

A decibel meter measured the noise level during normal conditions and then again as two dragsters were rev’d and running.

Officials say the results from today’s test will be pretty accurate because they are using actual dragsters, at the actual sight, under actual race conditions.

And the results, Andy Cheek says they’re exactly what he expected. The noise level with the cars running raised 30 decibels. He says that’s equivalent to the sound of a loud logging truck.

“Yeah, you will be able to detect the cars just like you would a different bird singing, but it’s really not a noise that’s going to impact the neighborhood,” Cheek said.

But the results don’t have everyone convinced.

“It’s got to be proven to us, how do we know this is right,” said Carl Walker.

“I do think that we will have some people complain like you do at all things,” Cheek said.

The question now, will these findings rev up enough support of the 11 men and women who have the final say on the dragstrip?