Man arrested for sexual assault

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News 12 First at Five, June 20, 2008

RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga.---Surveillance video helped catch a man who investigators say was on the path to murder. Deputies arrested 33-year-old Charles James, charging him with sexual assault.

"Well I think that somebody to do that is mighty sick, very sick. A person like that needs to be put away," said neighbor Joan Chisholm lives across the street from James. She didn't really know him, but caught him in her yard one night.

"I feel like that maybe he was just, you know, scoping things out to see if I lived alone," said Chisholm.

Now after his arrest, she's glad she wasn't hurt like other women were.

Investigators say James used his truck to pick women up. He would ask if they wanted a ride, but once they got in, he'd make his move.

Investigators believe he used this same truck in three cases, but right now he's only charged in the most recent one. Deputies say he took a victim behind a building and sexually assaulted her. Then, he took a razor and cut her in her genitalia, nearly killing her.

"We were certainly concerned that the next victim may have not survived the attack," said Lt. Scott Peebles of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

This is not James' first arrest. He just spent nine years in prison for armed robbery. Investigators say he wasted no time once he was a free man.

"He was taken off electronic monitoring by parole on May 19th and the first assault occurred on May 19th," said Lt. Peebles.

Deputies used his truck to find him. They pulled him over when they saw the truck matching the description from the three cases. They found blood in the truck, and James too, who also matches the suspect's description.

James faces four felony counts just from the one case he's charged with. Investigators will send the other two cases to the District Attorney's office and they say he'll most likely be indicted.

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