Weekend DUI Checkpoints

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December 4, 2005
A road check at Flowing Wells and Wheeler Road sent twenty-four to jail over the weekend, one person for every officer out there. News 12 is on your side with how police hope these checks will cut down on drunk driving.

Police from several counties are out in full force four times a month to send people to jail who don’t follow the rules.

Augusta Tech student James Reese got busted for forgetting his seatbelt. He got one of the 55 citations cops gave out.

“Click it or ticket, that’s what they said,” Reese said.

Ten of the twenty-four arrests were DUI’s.

“We hope they know we’re out here in full force around the holidays and it will deter them from drinking and driving,” said Staff Sgt. Tim Perry.

If Staff Sgt. Tim Perry and the other officers from around the area have reason to believe the suspected offender has been drinking, it’s off to the trailer. It has two holding cells and can house up to eight people.

The Intoxilizer 5000 checks their blood alcohol level. They blow into this tube and anything .08 or higher is considered a DUI.

They arrested nine with a suspended license, four fugitives, and one habitual violator, which is a person with three DUI’s in five years.

“If you’re drinking and driving and you’re above the legal limit, you will go to jail,” Perry said.

Which is why student James Reese won’t be drinking and driving anytime soon. He knows he can’t escape the road check.

“Not on this busy of an intersection, there’s no way around it,” Reese said.

That’s the goal, to catch everyone who breaks the law so the roads will be safer for you.

The local sheriff’s office works with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for Operation Zero Tolerance and Click It or Ticket.