Comcast Cable Rate Hike

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December 2, 2005
If you’re a Comcast cable customer, your bill is going up. News 12 is on your side with how much you can expect to pay and what your options are.

This time you can’t switch cable companies like you can channels if you don’t like the prices. For one reason or another, most companies’ rates are going up.

Sitting down and watching some good old-fashioned TV just isn’t the same anymore as video on demand and digital technology make their way through the cable world.

That’s why the cost of your cable bill just won’t be the same anymore, either.

“Investment and technology to provide this video on demand, new channels but primarily investing in new technology,” said Bill Botham, Comcast Spokesman.

In fact, Comcast recently sent out a notice in the mail informing their subscribers of their new rates. So what exactly is it going to cost you?

Here’s the breakdown: Limited basic cable is going up from $14.09 to $14.95. Expanded basic is going up another $1.18 a month. And the most common package, the preferred basic will go up about $2.04. The cost of digital plus and classic stay the same, but the silver, gold or platinum digital packages are all going up by $2.04, which breaks down to about seven cents a day.

Comcast Spokesman Bill Botham says they’re trying to get more customers to turn digital.

“Program costs are a big factor, but the primary factor is investment technology, to bring new, faster, better technology to town,” Botham said.

But Comcast’s not the only one raising prices. Knology already raised their prices December 1st. General Manager Michael Adams says they’re seeing increases for different reasons.

“Covering our program fee, and really the cost of doing business has gone up, the fuel cost, it costs money to run a company,” Adams said.

Knology is increasing their prices seven percent, that’s three more than Comcast.