Voting Rally at Paine College

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December 2, 2005
Only three days left until Augusta voters head to the polls to elect a new mayor. News 12 is on your side to show you how people at Paine College are rallying support to get students to vote.


You can spell it out in a cheer or shout it through a megaphone. Paine College faculty just wants students to recognize the importance of their vote.

“Voting is a hard earned right and it’s a sacred responsibility,” said Gloria Williams Way.

“We want your support, we want it now, and we want it on Election Day,” said Charles Smith.

In a rally held on Friday, several candidates and civic leaders were on hand passing out flyers and encouraging all students to vote after low student turnout from the November 8th election.

“88 candidates out of 400 that are registered at Paine College voted. And so Paine College, we being steep in our heritage and political involvement, we realize we must become more involved,” said Bernard Jackson.

Zebra Jefferson is the school’s SGA President. She says many students from out of state are now registered to vote in Augusta, and says the possibility of the voter ID bill being passed has some students concerned.

“A lot of them don’t have Georgia ID’s, but they need to be able to vote, because they are affected by the politics that are going on in Augusta,” Jefferson said.

And with moves like these combined with the messages of those older, the hope is that the student body will step to the polls.

“With students you have to keep on them and keep reminding them or they will forget. You get wrapped up in being a student and being in class, and you kind of forget that the outside world has a lot to do with your everyday life,” Jefferson said.