Prayer vigil held for victims of deadly accident on York Street

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Friday, April 26, 2013

AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW) -- Lukisha Thomas died last month after a car hit her as she walked on the sidewalk with her son and a friend. On Saturday, many came together to remember her at a vigil.

"It's hard when they come to me and I see they are crying for their mom," said Maria Saxon.

Saxon is the sister of Thomas. Thomas died soon after being hit by the driver of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Now Saxon is taking care of her five children.

"They love to play, they do everything other kids normally do," Saxon told News12.

And while Saxon strives to make sure her nieces and nephews are raised without hate for the driver, she does have a message for him.

"I hope and pray God has mercy on him. I just hope he understands and knows that he took a life from me and my family that was very important to us," Saxon said.

Many at the vigil believe that the charge of careless driving isn't tough enough and that the driver deserves more punishment. That's why the president of the local NAACP says they are working with legislators to change laws.

"We are all going to work on a new law called Lukisha's Law that will put more teeth into the existing law," said the president.

James Griffin says the law needs to be changed and that Aiken Public Safety hasn't done its job.

"They have treated this situation as if she were a bear that ran across the street and got hit. I can understand cruelty to animals but cruelty to a human being?" Griffin said.

So, while many still question the investigation and charges, Thomas' sister says her main focus are her new kids.

"Just let them know she is with God -- she's in heaven and that she will always be with them," Saxon said.

Ray Wooden Jr. was the other person hit that day. He's still in the hospital recovering and was just recently told about his Thomas' death.

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