Latest in North Augusta Manhunt

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December 1, 2005
New information in a North Augusta murder investigation as police release pictures of the car stolen by the suspect during his spree. Earlier this week we found out what the killer looks like and now we are finding out the make a model of the car he stole. It’s the most recent piece to the puzzle officials are busy putting together.

Ten days after one man was shot and killed and two others injured by gunfire, police release pictures of a 1991 blue Oldsmobile they say the suspect drove during his shooting spree.

“It’s got a partial burgundy color bumper cover that’s faded out, it’s very distinctive,” said North Augusta Police Chief Lee Wetherington.

They’re among the third round of pictures released since the morning of November 22, joining a composite sketch of the white male suspect and photographs of the type of weapon he may have used.

“You never know. You never know what information is gonna be what ties us into the other evidence that we have in this case,” Wetherington said.

But unlike several past murder investigations, officials are not issuing a cash reward, at least not yet. The last time Aiken County did was last September, a $2,500 reward for information about the murder of a newspaper carrier.

Major Ken Autry with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office says each case is different.

“For instance, in homicides we usually hold off in the first stages of the investigation and sometimes after everything’s dead and we’re not getting any leads, then we’ll issue a reward,” Autry said.

Chief Wetherington assures News 12 their investigation hasn’t slowed down. In fact, they’ve ruled out fifteen suspects based on leads. They’ve also looked at surveillance video from area businesses and are working with officials in cities like Columbia and Greenville, potential hide-outs for the suspect. But most importantly, they say, is gathering information from the public.

The suspect is a thin, white male in his early 20’s with sandy blonde hair, between 5’4”-5’8”. He is considered armed and dangerous. Some things police say to look out for: if someone you know hasn’t shown up for work, or if someone left town for no apparent reason. And remember, any or all calls can be anonymous.