Only on 12: Murder victim's family reacts to sentencing

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News 12 at 6 o'clock; June 18, 2008

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. --- Greg Jones was shot and killed in November of 2006, found dead on Aiken Avenue in Johnston. Ollie Hall, a former law enforcement officer and bailiff in Edgefield County, was convicted of the murder. But due to a plea deal, Hall won't even spend one day behind bars.

"I was upset. I was really, really hurt. I was so hurt I just got up and left out of the courtroom, that's how hurt I was. I just had to get out of there," says Lagretta Hill, Greg's daughter.

A day after the deal was made in court, Lagretta Hill and her brother are holding onto pictures of their dad. They're confused about why his killer is sitting at home instead of behind bars.

"I'd like to see him behind bars, because you can't bring a life back," says Lagretta. "It was shocking and I was hurt and I am still hurt."

Judge Cordell Maddox sentenced Hall to ten years for the charge of voluntary manslaughter. The papers say it's a violent and most serious crime.

But if you look at the papers closer, you will see Hall will only serve two years, at home, with electronic monitoring.

"The justice I was looking for was the right thing. They said, 3 to 30 years. I'd prefer like 25 to 30 years in jail," says Lagretta.

The family questions whether Hall's status as a former bailiff and law enforcement officer in Edgefield County has anything to do with the sentence.

"He got off easy, he really did and they knew he was going to get off easy," says Lagretta.

Coincidence or not, the pain still lingers everyday for Lagretta.

"It hurts because I just had my baby after my daddy got killed. My dad didn't see my son but twice after he got killed that Saturday. It hurts. They still have their father, and we don't," says Lagretta.

News 12 had some trouble getting a hold of the indictment and sentencing documents from the Edgefield Clerk of Court Office. Those are public documents. The clerk told us they couldn't give them out until all the documents were together, which happened early this afternoon.

We also tried to talk to the defense attorney and the judge, but they were not available to comment.

In addition to the two years of house arrest, Hall was sentenced to five years probation.

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