Georgia celebrates Men’s Health Month

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June 18, 2008

ATLANTA – In an effort to raise awareness of preventable health problems among men and encourage early detection, the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) is recognizing June as Men’s Health Month.

“June is an opportunity for us to add years to the lives of our sons, brothers, fathers, husbands and friends by encouraging them to improve their health by adopting new, healthy activities,” said DCH Commissioner, Dr. Rhonda Medows.

In support of Men’s Health Month, the DCH’s Office of Health Improvement (OHI) has launched a men’s health education campaign entitled “Helping Men Live Longer, Healthier Lives.” The campaign aims to raise awareness of health issues relevant to men and offer advice on obtaining healthier lifestyles. A series of educational seminars, health fairs and other community activities featuring free, anonymous HIV testing and free screenings for glucose, blood pressure and Body Mass Index will be held across the state.

“The majority of the diseases and health risks that plague men are preventable and treatable,” said James Peoples, Executive Director of OHI. “The key factors between life and death is early testing and screening. A routine doctor’s check-up could literally save your father’s, son’s or husband’s life.”

The OHI in conjunction with the Georgia Commission on Men’s Health will publish a report identifying the incidence of disease, injury and death among Georgia’s men. The report will be released later this summer.

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