Smash & Grab Robbery Suspects Wanted

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November 30, 2005
Richmond County investigators are looking for men who think they have committed a string of “smash and grab” robberies at two stores, Rubens off Broad Street and Sam’s Grocery off Old Savannah Road. News 12 explains what’s going on where you live.

Police arrested three men they say robbed businesses with the “smash and grab” technique over the last few weeks.

You could call it window-shopping gone bad. Richmond County officers say in the last few weeks a group of “smash and grab” robbers broke into Rubens Department Store twice, taking about 30 leather jackets worth hundreds of dollars each.

Investigators say a “smash and grab” robbery usually involves the suspect throwing a brick through a store window or door. Here at Rubens, police say the suspect broke through the door, ran in and grabbed leather jackets and ran back out onto the street.

Investigators say “smash and grab robbers” hit Sam’s Grocery store twice last week, stealing laundry detergent and beer. Sheriff’s officers arrested Johnny Ealey for the Sam’s robbery. They have also arrested Oscar Shine and Benjamin Holden. They are still looking for Charles Shine.

“We believe that they’re connected to a number of our smash and grabs,” said Ken Autry.

Richmond County Investigator Ken Autry thinks this group is responsible for all the “smash and grabs” in the recent weeks.

“It’s a good thing we identify groups that we’re looking for right now and get them off the street because if we don’t they just continuously commit these crimes,” Autry said.

Investigators say the best way to protect yourself from a smash and grab robbery is good lighting and a security system.