Walker Supporters React to Sentencing

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November 29, 2005
Charles Walker represented this area in Atlanta for more than 23 years. And over those years, he won election after election, building a strong base of supporters. News 12 has reaction from some of the people who say they still support Charles Walker.

They’re still standing behind the former senator, even after the indictment, the long trial and now the sentence of a decade behind bars.

To Rebecca Williams, former state senator Charles Walker will always be the same.

“I just knew the Charles that was always there to help,” Williams said.

She’s been a family friend to the Walkers for more than 25 years now and says the sentence is simply unjust.

“Unfair and the reason I say that is because looking back you got rapists, murderers, they do crime and they don’t even get ten years,” Williams said.

Part of his sentence is related to stealing money from the CSRA Classic, a charity football event. But, Rebecca finds that hard to believe.

“You could say it was misappropriation of funds for the Classic but you never got charged for anything except for the tickets, you could always walk around all day long and fill your belly for free, how could it be misusing funds when you’re not charging anyone?” Williams said.

And over at a campaign fundraiser for Willie Mays, Champ Walker was out to show his support. But he declined to comment about his father’s sentence. Interim Mayor Willie Mays says he was not shocked by the extended term.

“When you deal with sentences a lot of things can vary, nothing ever surprises me anymore,” Mays said.

Commissioner Marion Williams says he still supports Walker.

“I was surprised a little at the amount of time they have him but I was really surprised about the number of counts they found him guilty of,” Marion Williams said.

While those who know Mr. Walker say only God and Charles Walker himself knows what really happened, they will never turn their backs on him.

“I still respect him and you can’t point fingers,” Marion Williams said.

“He is a human being and we all are gonna fall shot, only one perfect man and that’s God,” said Rebecca Williams.