Command Center Organizes Leads

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November 29, 2005
A week after a killer murdered one and wounded two others in North Augusta, authorities have released a profile of the suspect. They believe the killer most likely works or lives near the shooting. They also believe the killer has a history of conflict with family, friends and co-workers. The search for the gunman is coordinated in a command center and for the first time investigators gave us a look inside. News 12 takes you there.

This is the heart of the investigation to find the Huddle House killer, the command center. Members of the FBI, SLED and local agencies are following all leads here. They start here, getting organized and end up tracked down outside.

“We’ve got GIS mapping over there of the scene, where this happened,” Lee Wetherington said.

North Augusta Public Safety Chief Lee Wetherington gives a tour of the command center. In here, people like Aiken County Sheriff Michael Hunt and SLED investigators track the more than 140 leads that have come in. The room is filled with tools to follow every one. Computers with direct links to the FBI, the Highway Department and jails are here to track people of interest.

“The suspects that we have that are people of interest, we go through a process of elimination,” Wetherington said.

Maps, a detailed suspect description and a to do list line the walls. Officers hold conference calls in here with the FBI and investigators across the country. They say those have recently given them more detail about this suspect and they know they’ll get their man.

“We kick the right bush, he’ll come out,” Wetherington said.

A new visual to show you, police believe the killer was wearing a ski mask like this one when he shot his victims. They believe he took it off when they stole the car.

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