Profile of a Killer

November 29, 2005
A task force comprised of the North Augusta Department of Public Safety, Aiken County Sheriff's Office, Aiken Public Safety, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, FBI, and ATF are actively pursing leads regarding the events surrounding the Homicide, Carjacking, and Shooting that occurred on Tuesday, November 22, 2005 in the area of US Highway 25 and Interstate 20.

As a result of consulting specialists in the area of crime scene analysis, investigators have developed individual characteristics or the offender. Due to the behaviors exhibited by the offender during the commission of these crimes, it is likely that this offender has the following characterizes:
- He likely lives, works, or frequently visits the area that the crime occurred
- He has a history of conflicts with friends, family and co-workers
- He is suspicious of others and believes people will often try to take advantage of him
- Although he is capable of having friends, he is sometimes unpredictable and will display an explosive temper, especially when under stress. These stressors could include: family, finances, court/legal issues, relationships, health
- If he has a criminal history, it likely includes violence, assaults, drug and alcohol offences
- It is likely that he has received or is currently receiving treatment for mental health complaints, family counseling, drug and alcohol counseling
- He has an interest with military and police tactics, to include clothing, weapons, equipment, military manuals (books & magazines), magazines, movies and TV shows
- He has likely followed the investigation (through the media and with family and friends). His comments might include rationalizing the crime by placing blame on the victims. Comments might include: "They would still be here if they would have just given up the car."
- Those who are close to the offender should understand that he is very unpredictable, and given the right circumstances (stressors), he can act out violently against even those who are close to him.

This subject is considered armed and dangerous. DO NOT attempt to approach this subject. If you have any information in reference to this incident, please contact the North Augusta Department
of Public Safety at 803-279-2121 or call 911 as soon as possible.