Thanksgiving Fire Kills 2 Elderly

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Flames consumed almost everything in their path. Cindy Mullins lives next door and watched as her grandmother's home was destroyed.

"My mom got out, she got my uncle, then it was too late to get my grandma out," she said.

The charred remains are all that's left. 95-year-old Ollie Owens' home was destroyed. She and her 72-year-old caregiver Henriella New died around 4:00 this morning from what investigators think was carbon monoxide poisining. Cindy's mother Jenette Carmony escaped with burns to her hands and feet.

Almost everything was destroyed. A photo taken of Ollie Owens' last Christmas shows her with a ceramic chicken, which is part of a collection she started many years ago. Those are gone, but the flames spared her pet chickens right behind the house. They are the only memory of her the family has left.

The family says the fire burned for about twenty minutes and now where the home used to stand is nothing but wreckage.

One of Bath Fire Chief Sean Johnson's volunteers was in the area when the fire started.

"He actually saw the glow of the fire and pulled up right as 911 was getting the call," the chief said.

The Aiken County Sheriff's Department is investigating the fire. They say old wiring in part of the house may be to blame. They will spend the next few days trying to pinpoint the exact source. Cindy Mullins says her grandmother was bed-ridden and couldn't get up.

On a day of giving thanks...Ollie's family is coming together to lean on each other for support as they mourn this incredible loss.