Search for a Killer: Day 3

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It's no holiday for Chief Lee Wetherington or Aiken County Sheriff Michael Hunt.
The two spent the day looking for the suspect.

We got a lot of leads overnight, we'll be jumping on these and following those till the end," Wetherington said.

Since Tuesday, more than 100 leads have flooded into public safety.

Though the suspects' composite drawing remains on store windows along highway 25, Chief Wetherington is asking for less attention on this sketch.

He said, "There's some things we're working on now that may be on the composite, may not be on the composite, so don't rely totally on the composite."

Investigators say the most important fact in this case is the suspect's weapon: an SKS or AK-type weapon that looks similar to this.

Police urge you to call them, if you know anyone who owns that type of gun.

Meanwhile, the congregation from Little Horse Creek Baptist Church is helping with a free Thanksgiving dinner for the Graniteville community.

Their pastor Earl Carter helped organize this feast.

"He was deeply involved and he believed in it," said the pastor's friend, Charles Akester.

Carter is one the men shot tuesday. He's recovering in the hospital.

Church member Ray Fields said, "First thing we did this morning, we had prayer for him."

The congregation has a lot to pray for this Thanksgiving: healing for their pastor, peace for the family of their pastor's friend who was shot and killed, and an end to this story: The capture of the shooting suspect.