Thankful for Recovery

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The two survivors, Constance Davidson and Earl Carter, are deeply religious.
And for their church, it's a day of thanks, a day early.
"It was just hard to believe. I was at work. I got the call and it was hard to believe it's happening to you or somebody you know," said Bobby Scott of Little Horse Creek Baptist Church.
Scott is still in shock about the shooting Tuesday that left his longtime pastor in the hospital.
The Reverend Earl Carter is now recovering, but no word on when he'll return to preach to his masses.
"He is doing better. He does have motion in his arms and his legs. So he is improving," Scott said.
They held a regular Wednesday night service on Thanksgiving Eve ... expected to be so emotional, they only allowed cameras inside before it started.
"The main message is that God is with us in the difficulties that we don't know we're gonna go through. This lady didn't know that what was gonna happen did. But God was there to help her and she testified to that," Larry Brown, of Victory Baptist Church, said.
They held Thanksgiving service on Tuesday.
This is where victim Constance Davidson is a member.
"Life is uncertain. Life is certainly not fair. But life is certainly fruitful with God's blessing and God's presence," Brown said. "She's very upbeat, very thankful, very grateful. No grudge, no bitterness, her arms, asking me how Earl Carter the pastor was doing."
And in a way, the churches are connected, looking to faith in the face of tragedy.
A funeral will be held for the third victim, Bill Powell, on Friday.
Mr. Powell's funeral will be at 10 a.m. at First Baptist Church in North Augusta.