Helen Blocker-Adams Endorses Deke Copenhaver

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November 22, 2005
The race for Augusta mayor took an interesting turn on Tuesday. The runoff is two weeks away and now third place finisher Helen Blocker-Adams is endorsing Deke Copenhaver. But Blocker-Adams says at first, she wasn’t going to endorse either candidate. News 12 is on your side to explain why she changed her mind and how that decision is bringing a lot of criticism.

“I would like you to know that I’m endorsing Deke Copenhaver for mayor because I believe he is our next best hope for change,” Blocker-Adams said.

Though she originally planned to remain in neutral during the runoff, Helen Blocker-Adams now says she’s switching gears, becoming a driving force in Deke Copenhaver’s campaign.

“If I did not take a stand for a candidate, it would be like a county commissioner abstaining from an important vote,” Blocker-Adams said.

But it was no easy decision. Adams said both candidates strongly courted her support the day after the election, and to be fair she said she put both candidates through several rounds of interviews.

“I was very strategic about my questions, I know the answers I was looking for,” Blocker-Adams said.

When the interviews were complete, and after lots of prayer, Adams says her decision wasn’t so hard after all.

“It’s clear which one is more in line with my platform and I have to be who I am,” Blocker-Adams said.

Deke Copenhaver told News 12 he wasn’t expecting such a rigorous competition, but happy he came out on top.

“I told Helen are you going to email me a grade when we get done with this? But I respect her for doing that, she really wanted to make sure she endorsed a candidate, not based on color, not on political party, but based on our views mirroring her own platform,” Copenhaver said.

But Adams says she already has received and expects more criticism from African American voters for not endorsing Willie Mays. But she says her choice had nothing to do with race.

“That’s not the way I was brought up to just look at things from black and white. My platform was about people and issues,” Blocker-Adams said.