South Augusta Home Invasion

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November 22, 2005
Another home invasion in South Augusta, not even five miles away from a house that got hit just last week. News 12 is on your side to find what happened this time and if there’s any connection to the recent hits in the area.

Besides some blowing trees, all is still in this neighborhood in South Augusta. But Monday night, two robbers were on the move.

Just after 10:30 p.m. they came armed and masked and right through an unlocked door at this home on Mansion Court. The first people they found, a guy and a girl downstairs, were holding them at gunpoint, a woman upstairs could hear the commotion and went to check it out.

“The victim retreated to a bedroom, locked the door. The subjects then began beating on the door and forced their way demanding money,” said Richard Roundtree.

Something similar happened to Sharon Williams early Wednesday morning at her home on Richmond hill Road. Two armed robbers acted like they were sheriff’s officers, kicked the door in and demanded money.

Investigators aren’t sure yet if this invasion on Mansion Ct. is related to any other ones recently in the area, but they tell News 12 the robbers usually know their victims.

“We don’t feel that there’s a group or group out there that’s just kicking in peoples’ doors. We feel that they know their victims and their going in for a particular purpose,” Roundtree said.

In most cases, investigators say it’s for a large amount of money, possibly linked to drug deals. But that’s not always the case, like in the Williams’ home. And until police catch up with the two runaway robbers of Mansion Court, they won’t know for sure why this happened in the first place. No one was hurt in this robbery at Mansion Court. The robbers did steal a red Tahoe out of the driveway.