Police Searching For Murderer

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One man is dead and two people are wounded after a shooting in North Augusta. Tuesday afternoon investigators found the suspect’s stolen car at the Sleep Inn near Highway 25 in North Augusta.

The man is described as a thin white male in his early 20’s, with sandy blonde hair, brown eyes and about 5’4”-5’8”.

The Sleep Inn is back open after investigators determined the suspect is not inside. Around 1:00pm Tuesday, investigators found the suspect’s car by the Sleep Inn in North Augusta off Highway 25. A person who saw the car’s description on the Midday News called it in to police. Meanwhile, the family of the man who died, Bill Powell, is looking to God to get them through this crime.

“This was a senseless thing. He would have given the guy the truck. He would have. It’s senseless,” said Mary Alice Powell.

Mary Alice Powell tries to understand why the man she was married to for 37 years was killed. Powell was shot at random while doing what he does most mornings, having a cup of coffee with friends.

“He just loved people. He loved going up to the Huddle House early in the morning and he was part of the board of directors quote on quote there with his friends,” said Mary Alice said.

Investigators say as the sun rose, the gunman started his rampage. This composite drawing is what he may look like. Police believe the suspect was looking for a car. When 59-year-old Constance Davidson wouldn’t give him hers at Burger King, police say he shot her in the back with a rifle. Investigators say the gunman then ran over to the Huddle House and shot Bill Powell in the face and his friend Reverend Earl Carter in the neck. Carter lived. Powell died at the scene.

“It’s totally random, which makes this individual extremely dangerous,” said Lee Wetherington, North Augusta Pubic Safety.

Police say the suspect then ran to the Bojangles next door and took a woman’s car without hurting her.

Around 1:00 p.m., the stolen car was found at the Sleep Inn off Highway 25. Armed sheriff’s officers and SLED members suited in bulletproof vests search each room inside. Outside, helicopters and bloodhounds search for the suspect in nearby woods.

Powell is survived by his wife Mary Alice and his daughter, Laura. Powell’s funeral will be this Friday at 10:00 a.m. at First Baptist Church in North Augusta.