Only on 12: MCG police officer finds glass in Sonic hamburger

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News 12 at 6 o'clock; June 13, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- A hamburger from a Sonic restaurant sent an MCG police officer to the doctor's office. He found glass in his burger after eating some of it.

Officer Brian Jackson was just trying to grab a bite to eat after work last week. When he got home, he found out he was biting into something more than just a simple hamburger.

Officer Jackson went, in uniform, to the Sonic on Tobacco Road near Windsor Spring Road in Augusta to fuel up on a hamburger last Thursday morning (June 5).

"I got down to the last few bites and I noticed something scratchy in my throat. And, as I looked down and spit it out, I noticed there was glass on the plate and looked inside the burger and I saw a little piece of glass hanging out," says Officer Jackson.

He says he has the proof in a plastic bag. News 12 saw the bag, containing a half-eaten hamburger and a piece of glass. Then came the medical notes he showed News 12 a day after the glass incident. Nothing serious happened to his body, but the pain still lingers just over a week later.

"I'm going to have to go back in a few days. They said if it continues, they are going to put a scope down there to see how bad it is," says Jackson.

It's not just the pain Jackson is fighting--it's Sonic, too. He says he's heard from some of the company's directors, but it's another story for Sonic's Insurance Company.

"I've been getting the run around until today, when they called me back," says Officer Jackson.

He says they left him a message Friday, about 2 hours after we contacted Sonic.

Sonic released this statement to News 12 late Friday afternoon. "In order to fully complete the investigation, the franchisee's insurance company will test all items maintained by Officer Jackson. Unfortunately, the insurance company's calls to Officer Jackson have not been returned."

The statement also says, "the franchisee's director of operations began an immediate investigation to attempt to determine the source of the alleged contamination."

Ultimately, Jackson wants one thing: "To go somewhere to eat and make sure that doesn't happen to me again."

Officer Jackson will be meeting with an attorney next week. The attorney tells News 12 they might look into filing a negligence action lawsuit for having a foreign object in an unexpected place. In this case, glass in a hamburger.

Officer Jackson did tell News 12 he returned the message left by the insurance company this afternoon.

If you happen to bite into something and find something strange in your food, there's two things you should do. First, call your doctor. Secondly, call the county health department.

"There's a lot of different scenarios that you could come up with and we would want to go out there and launch an investigation to determine where this glass or any foreign object may have come from," says Richmond County Manager of Environmental Health Mike Allison.

Mike says they check every establishment four times a year.

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