Mobile Home Park Residents Battle Unsanitary Conditions

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November 18, 2005
Unsanitary problems News 12 uncovered at a South Augusta mobile home park may date back three months. As we first told you Thursday night, “The Mobile Village” is under a state of emergency. The city found residents living in unsanitary conditions. As News 12 reports, residents say they aren’t just battling raw sewage. New out-of-state owners are also causing residents some problems.

“My son goes to Lyndale gets up every morning has to step outside in that nasty water,” said Vivian Griffin.

That water Vivian Griffin is talking about isn’t just a leftover puddle from rain, that’s sewer water, and she’s been living in it for weeks.

“Plumber came out here three weeks ago to unstop the sewer but made it worse,” Griffin said.

Children’s bicycles and toys still sit in the unsanitary conditions that have not lowered to less than a few inches deep. Health officials say they identified the problem Thursday when they realized the sewage line had clogged, creating the health hazard.

Health official spokesman Larry Walker claims they have spoken to the owners in Florida and they deny any knowledge of the problems. Yet when News 12 called Universal Plumbing we learned that owners have an outstanding bill from August 22 about the same problem.

And residents here say reporting the problem has been half the battle, because they don’t know who to go to.

“Had a maintenance buy out here on the streets not to do anything, that’s why nothing could get fixed,” said Shamid Simmons.

Neighbors say not only have they not been able to get anything fixed, but they don’t have a manager to report to either. But one neighbor tells a different story, she says she’s spoken to the owners several times already.

“They said they would’ve fixed the problem if they knew about it, none of them called them,” said Geraldine Pierce.

Now that the city is involved, Vivian Griffin hopes her kids will no longer have to step out of their home and into a health hazard.

Chief Willis says the homes have not been condemned and there’s no order to evict people for their own safety. However, he says his department is prepared to set up housing for the residents if necessary.