Babysitter Blamed For Child Wandering On Street

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November 15, 2005
Police find a toddler alone, wandering toward a busy highway. And they say the babysitter was the one who wasn’t watching her. The little girl was found on Rogers Road, near Highway 1 in Aiken. News 12 tells you what happened and how parents can make sure they find the right sitter.

The mother of this 2-year-old girl says her babysitter was passed out on drugs when her daughter wandered off. And now that little girl is in protective custody with the Department of Social Services.

“I needed a break, but not this big of a break,” said Sandra Boone.

Regret from a mother whose 2-year-old girl, Chloie, is gone. Sandra Boone blames a bad babysitter.

“I sleep with her blanket. I’ve tried to sleep in her bed, everything to ease the pain,” Boone said.

November 6th, Sandra took Chloie to babysitter Sabrina Mikell’s mother’s house. Sandra says Sabrina watched her daughter many times before and she didn’t know she had a drug problem.

“When I dropped her off they were never high. When I picked her up, they were never high,” Boone said.

But Sandra says that day her babysitter got high off marijuana and pain pills and passed out.

The girl wandered out of the house. Police found her alone on Roberts Road, just feet away from Highway 1 and all its traffic.

Police arrested the babysitter and charged her with child neglect. When they found the sitter, she didn’t know Sandra’s phone number or last name. So they took Chloie into protective custody.

“I hear her running through the house. It’s very hard being here without her,” Boone said.

So how can you make sure you’ve found the right babysitter? Experts say use word of mouth, ask your friends and family who they trust. Also, interview your sitter before you use them. And watch your child play with the sitter before you leave them alone together. Click here for a list of good questions to ask your sitter.

Sandra Boone says she has a court date on December 1 to try and get her daughter back.