Locals try to beat the heat

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News 12 at 11, June 8, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- It's the first heat wave of the summer.

"It's blazing hot," Josh Borum said.

"Probably 105," Daniel Sills said.

But that's not stopping this father son duo who we found playing ball at Patriot's Park in Columbia County.

"Just brutally hot. It almost takes your breath away," Lee Borum said.

Lee and Josh both say the heat won't keep them from having family time outside, but they are being smart about it.

"Normally, we have to wait until July or August to hit days like this, but the last few have been extremely hot. And so I think we're all in for a long hot summer," Lee Borum said.

"It's really hot. So I would like to go swimming in this kind of weather," Josh Borum said.

And a lot of people were thinking the same thing. We stopped by the Brookfield Park expecting to find kids playing in the fountain, but the fountain seemed to have taken the day off. So they made do with water bottles.

Over at the Family Y on Wheeler Road in Augusta, the pool was packed with more than 200 people looking to beat the heat.

"It's really hot and warm," Shelby Hadden said.

And the high temps can be dangerous. So use common sense. Don't overdo it. Drink lots of water, and if the heat is getting to you, head inside for some air conditioning.

But no matter how hot it is Josh says there is one thing worth working up a sweat for.

"Yeah I'm having a lot of fun cause spending time with my dad is one of the best things in the world and baseball is one of my favorite sports," Josh Borum said.

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