Midland Valley High yearbook controversy

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News 12 at 11, June 6, 2007

Augusta, Ga. --- It all started with three fake ads in the Midland Valley High School yearbook. Graduating Senior Jakob Moseley says at first he saw the three students initials and quote "I Hate Yearbook" on the ad and just thought it was a prank.

"But then I found out, "yearbook blows and burn school" and that they weren't getting punished for it and that upset me," Graduating Senior, Jakob Moseley said.

Upset over the fake ads and hidden messages like "Buy Umbrella's Right Now! So Come and Hurry. Order On-Line!" Take the first letter of every word and you get "burn school".

"It's probably a prank that went wrong," Tony Nappier said.

An attorney representing the three students involved in the prank says they were were suspended for five days but an advisory council allowed them to walk at graduation.

"Did not mean any harm. It was just a joke. And some people took it too seriously," Attorney Chuck Jones said.

Valedictorian Ashley Videtto, one of the three students involved in the yearbook prank. Videtto was asked to apologize during his graduation speech.

"I would like to apologize, on behalf of the yearbook officers, to anyone offended by this year's annual. It is a mistake that we deeply regret," Valedictorian, Ashley Videtto said.

But did the three students get special treatment? Some fellow grads say it's all unfair.

"Because of who they were. I mean if it would've been me or any of my friends, we probably would've been expelled or put in jail for threatening the school," Moseley said.

He says he doesn't think the messages or slogans were a real threat to the school, but the fake ads didn't belong in their book full of memories.

"It upsets me. It really does. If I could walk out during his speech and still graduate, get my diploma, I would do it," Moseley said.

The attorney, Chuck Jones said those three student editors were told by an advisor to fill space in the Midland Valley Yearbook with fake ads. And he isn't sure if the advisor checked the ads before they were printed.

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