Victim's wife speaks on David Mark Hill's execution

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, June 6, 2008

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- David Mark Hill is dead. He was executed by the state of South Carolina for killing three people in North Augusta nearly 12 years ago.

The victims, Josie Curry, James Riddle and Michael Gregory left behind a total 8 children and 3 spouses to grieve.

Today, News 12 sat down with Mike Gregory's widow Marnie Gregory and asked what this journey has been like for her.

September 16, 1996 is a day no one in the North Augusta community will forget. It was the day when David Mark Hill walked through the DSS office and killed three people. It was also the day Marnie Gregory lost her high school sweetheart and father of her two young children.

And today, David Mark Hill paid with his life.

"I didn't think it would take this long, but the longer it took, i didn't think it would ever come." It's been a long journey for Marnie Gregory. " Sleepless nights, I didn't want to eat, depression, all that. And I fussed at mike -- you know, couldn't you have found a way out?"

Mike Gregory was on his way to the bathroom when she says he ran into hill and struggled for his life. "I'm sure while he was fighting, he was thinking of us, he was thinking of his children."

Photos of Mike still fill the home. Som family portraits taken just three weeks before he died, another just two days before he was killed. "Mike's everywhere I walk, everywhere I look. Mike's around, no I don't want to hide him. I want him to live on."

He lives on through his children now 20 and 14; and his two grandchildren Peyton and five month old Hayden Michael Gregory -- named after the grandfather he never got to meet.

"For 11 and a half years I've struggled with life without Mike." Marnie reads from a letter she wrote to David Michael Hill. She says that struggle has been made easier thanks to her faith and she wants to now share that in a letter that she sent to her husband's killer.

"Even though what he's done is wrong, that he took my husband away from me, the father of my kids away from me, I don't want him to suffer an eternity in hell. I want him to find peace in Jesus."

Marnie Gregory went alone to the hearing and says now, she looks forward to getting on with her life.

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