Hastings Wise Execution

Eight years ago, a man once described as a hard worker took the lives of four people at the Phelon Plant in Aiken. He also wounded three others. Since being convicted in the shootings, Hastings Wise has been on South Carolina's death row.

Thirty-eight states and the federal government use the death penalty. Of those, Nebraksa requires electrocution. Lethal injection is allowed in the other 37 states. In South Carolina, inmates can choose whether to have lethal injection or the electric chair.

The last electrocution in the United States took place in South Carolina. That was James Tucker in May of 2004. Since the death penalty was re-instated in 1976, South Carolina has executed 33 people. Georgia has executed 39. The last use of the gas chamber was in 1999 in Arizona. The last use of hanging was in 1996 in Delaware. The last use of a firing squad was in 1996 in Utah. Click here to get more information and facts on the dealth penalty, it's use and history.