5 Under 35: Dr. Seretha Williams

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November 4, 2005
It’s her second award ever in her life, and she’s grateful for it. Lounge Magazine recently gave Dr. Seretha Williams the 5 Under 35 Award. It’s for her dedication and hard work in the community. News 12 follows her to the place where you can clearly see it.

Teachers like Dr. Seretha Williams are few and far between. Just ask Essence Brown.

“She makes me think from different sides of my brain because usually when I write, I write the first thing that comes to my mind,” said Essence Brown, ASU freshman.

In Dr. Williams’ mind, English is something her students should enjoy. She’s bringing music into the picture to make that happen.

“One of my goals to show them that it could be fun and writing could be relevant to their lives,” Williams said.

Dr. Williams means business, inside and outside the classroom. She’s been teaching English at Augusta State since 1998 and is willing to help anyone succeed.

“I’m on I don’t know how many, at least seven different committees, I work with women’s studies, I’m also the coordinator for the Minority Advising Program,” Williams said.

When Dr. Williams isn’t on this ASU campus, you can find her on the board with Girls Inc., also participating in a mentoring program with them. She learned at a very young age, the importance of helping others in the community.

“We just always did and knew we had a responsibility to give back. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to do what I do,” Williams said.

You’ll see Dr. Williams in the halls for many more years to come. But she’s written a chapter in this book and one day she may just pursue her dream of being a writer as a career.

“Maybe Oprah will ask me to come on and put me on her book club list,” Williams said.

One thing is for sure right now, she’s already on the list of making a difference in this community.

Dr. Williams is now 35. She got her undergraduate degree from Northwestern University and her Masters and Ph.D. Someday, she hopes to go back to her hometown of Gary, Indiana and give back to the community there.