5 Under 35: Reverend Otis Moss III

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November 3, 2005
He’s bringing a very real message to the people in front of him. Reverend Otis Moss III is another 5 Under 35 winner we’re getting to know. As News 12 shows you, at Tabernacle Baptist Church, he’s reaching people of all ages and even in places you wouldn’t expect.

Inside these doors at Tabernacle Baptist Church is a message of hope for everyone.

“People who are ballers, players, shot callers, they are coming back to the church to receive the kind of wisdom and mentoring that they haven’t seen before,” Moss said.

Reverend Otis Moss III preaches reality.

“So I always say keep it real, so we have series dealing with sex, drugs, dealing with mate selection, reaching them in a way which people of all ages can understand the word of God,” Moss said.

Natalia Tyson’s been going to this church all her life. Things are different with Reverend Moss around.

“I need to understand on my journey in my way with God what’s going on, what I’m walking in to. Reverend Moss brings that to me,” Tyson said.

With more than 50 internal and external ministries operating out of the church, other youth like Natalia have different options to walk with God. Reverend Moss strives to involve them and the entire community.

Rev. Moss came to Tabernacle Baptist Church in 1996. Now there are about 2,000 members in the congregation. But in 1999, he wrote this book “Redemption in a Red Light District,” hoping to reach many more people in the community.

“I wanted to be able to send those books to people who are incarcerated,” Moss said. “So they would have an opportunity to look at the bible and see the hope that’s in the bible.”

Hope that’s crystal clear to the pastor, and by the looks of this group, to many around.

Reverend Moss was called to the ministry when he was just 19. He’s 35 now.