Sanford's vetoes worry one North Augusta family

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News 12 First at Five; June 2, 2008

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. --- A health care cut tops the list of 69 vetoes Gov. Mark Sanford made in South Carolina's budget for next year. Gov. Sanford was in North Augusta today defending his plan.

The governor said no to an almost $22 million health care assistance plan. One mother in North Augusta wants to know why Sanford isn't helping her out.

Brittany Sheppard's two kids and the one on the way are her world. Now, she's frustrated to know Gov. Sanford tossed aside a state health insurance program.

"Everybody needs health care. It's not about who needs it the most; you should just let everyone have the benefits," she said.

"Kids can get sick anytime," she continued. "It doesn't really matter what they get sick from. But everybody doesn't have the money to provide for their kids."

Gov. Sanford says there are several reasons for his veto, and one of them is broad in scope.

"Before we go adding another commitment to people across South Carolina, let's make sure the Fed is going to stick with its end of the bargain," he said.

For now, Brittany will have to keep the ball rolling on her kids' health without the help of the almost $22 million insurance program.

"You can't do much about it but complain," she said. "And complaining doesn't get you too much either."

"The budget will be decided this week and I'm asking the people to call your House or Senate member and make their voices heard," Gov. Sanford said. "This is literally their last chance to limit the growth of government in South Carolina."

The health care plan would have provided assistance to 88,000 poor kids in South Carolina.

The vetoes will be heard in the South Carolina House on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the House will have the chance to override them.

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