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June 2, 2008

AUGUSTA --- Paine College graciously received a $120,000 donation from The Solomon Marcus Jenkins Trust Fund. The fund is named for the Paine College alumnus and trustee. Jenkins has contributed greatly to his alma mater through the years donating over $100,000 and investment properties to Paine College before he died in 1986.

"I am happy and proud to present this $120,000 unrestricted check to enable Paine College to continue its mission in the Augusta community. It is wonderful and exciting to have been apart of all this. To give to Paine College really makes me feel great," said Tracy E. Williams, 10 year trustee for Paine College and trustee of Solomon Marcus Jenkins Trust Fund.

Jenkins was a long time executive and chairman of the board now defunct Pilgrim Health and Life Insurance Company. As a loyal and devoted member of Trinity Christian Methodist Episcopal Church for many years, Jenkins stipulated in his will that the church would receive $5,000 from his estate.
S.M. Jenkins, as he is known around Augusta, was a charter member of the Alpha Chi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., and Alpha Mu Boule of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternities.

Jenkins was a shred investor and real estate broker. He self financed many local people homes when it was difficult for blacks to obtain loans. He also encouraged others to invest in real estate and securities.

As a Christian, an outstanding businessman and noted humanitarian Jenkins shared his wealth with several institutions, agencies, relatives and friends while living. He also had the business savvy to establish a trust fund to provide an income for his widow, Mrs. Ernie Von Jenkins. As long as she lived and at her death, a portion of the balance in the fund would be donated to Paine College. Mrs. Jenkins died February 2007 at age 97.

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins donated over $200,000 to Jenkins Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Hephzibah, Georgia, which is named for the two.

"Paine College was apart of Mr. Jenkins' vision. If it weren't for the Jenkins Family's support of our church we wouldn't have a lot of what we have today," said The Reverend Timothy R. Green, Jenkins Memorial C.M.E. Church.

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