5 Under 35: Rumame Samuels

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November 2, 2005
She’s 29 and spends almost every day of the week helping others in the community. Rumame Samuels is one of Lounge Magazine’s 5 Under 35 winners, picked for her positive impact on the people around her. News 12 looks into this woman’s passion and what keeps her going strong.

Every day for Rumame Samuels is a busy day. Working as Director of Compensation for the Medical College of Georgia means she always has research ahead of her, passing out competitive salaries. But what you see here is only part of what keeps this woman going.

“There’s GALA, the group I just mentioned, concern, I sing with the Augusta Choral which I didn’t mention earlier. Almost every night of the week, I’m going somewhere,” Samuels said.

It’s founding groups like GALA that’s really helping area youth go somewhere. Rumame’s pastor, Clarence Hill, will vouch for it.

“She speaks to the children and they listen and she has a way of getting their attention, informs them of things they need to know, not by things she’s learned or read about but things she experienced in life,” Hill said.

Rumame’s success started at a very young age. Academically, she finished 4th and 5th grades in the same year, she was able to skip 8th grade, and she started high school when she was just 11 years old.

Years after that, Rumame earned her bachelors and masters degrees from Clemson University. Hard work that her parents always taught her she could do.

“Also, my strong spiritual values, strong faith in God has also driven me just to know that if I just have faith in Him, there’s absolutely nothing I can’t do,” Samuels said.

And well, just five minutes with Rumame and you’ll wonder what could she possibly think to start working on next.